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Smartphones have become increasingly popular for gaming. There are several world-renowned games available for both iOS and Android platforms. Some of these games have become staples in various eSports as well, which improves the competitiveness of the games and encourages the players to look for ways in which they can get the edge over the other players. Regardless of whether you are looking to game on an eSports level or are a casual gamer, these tips will help improve your mobile gaming experience.power-cable

Get the right phone
The first step you can take to improving your mobile gaming experience, is to choose a phone that suits you best. Some of the key aspects you will need to look for is the hardware capabilities. The phone should be powerful enough to handle the graphics of the game without you having to experience any lag. The battery life is also crucial, but there are workarounds to this. For instance, you could purchase an anker powercore 10000 which can serve as a backup power source on the go. When choosing a phone, a lot of it will depend on the budget that you have available.

Tablet vs phone
Although smartphones are more than capable of handling the games that are being released, they do lack in screen size. This can make it difficult for you to control the player in your game, especially if it is a Real Time multiplayer game. The alternative to this is to game on a tablet, which is a lot bigger in screen size and therefore makes it easier for you to control. However, there aren’t many tablets out there which are built exclusively for gaming, so you will need to make sure to check the specifications properly before you purchase it.

Optimize your phone
Another way you can improve your gaming experience is to make sure that you don’t have background apps running while you are running the game. This could result in a lot of lag which will in turn result in a drop in the FPS of the game. Another effect this will have is it will result in a lot of battery drain and this would mean you will have to pull out your Anker powerline micro usb quite often. Therefore, before you open the game you want to play, clear all your background apps to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

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