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If you are about to decorate your patio, it might be wise to pause a moment before making your purchases if you have not yet considered the materials out of which the articles you will be buying are made of. After all, outdoor furniture has to be able to withstand the agents of the weather, or you will find yourself buying furniture anew only a few years later. Below is a basic run-down of the most common materials used to make outdoor furniture, and their relative merits and demerits:

  • Wrought iron – wrought iron is one of the more popular cheap outdoor furniture options, especially if you are looking for furniture you can easily keep in your garden as well. The nature of the metal makes them very easy to maintain – a simple hosing down is enough to clean them every once in a while. Know that they can be somewhat heavy, however (they are made of iron, after all!). The main demerit that wrought iron furniture has would be their perceptibility to rusting, but this can be easily countered if excessive moisture is avoided, and the proper countermeasures are taken towards it (e.g. painting them or using water-repellents).
  • Wood – wooden furniture is also a very common option for the outdoors, but most homeowners often pick only teak wooden furniture because of their ability to resist the weather elements better than most other types of wood. The only issue with this is the fact that teak can be quite expensive. If you are looking for cheap furniture Sydney, it is recommended to go with eucalyptus articles of furniture – these have the same properties that teak offers, but they are considerably cheaper. Since the weather can nonetheless wear off their colour, make sure to apply oil finishes regularly.
  • Plastic – plastic is another option that is low cost and easy to maintain. Plastic furniture is most definitely the cheapest option, but it can also be argued that they are the least aesthetically pleasing option. Nonetheless, they can be easily bought from your local stores, and they are quite lightweight – they are ideal if you are planning to have a large party and occasionally need extra tables and chairs (which you can store away when you do not need them).
  • Wicker – when it comes to wicker furniture, make sure to not make the mistake of going with regular wicker, which is made of a metal frame that has natural fibres woven around it. These cannot withstand moisture and will decay in a year or so. What you need is waterproof resin, which is used in all-weather wicker. These are relatively more expensive, but they can easily last a number of years outside.
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