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Preparing coffee at home is considered to be that activity that is usually and most commonly conducted every morning in almost all parts of the world. It is literally the consumption of coffee that keeps one going to begin their day with their daily chores which is why it is important that you choose something that helps serve the job better. Under such a scenario, we are here to provide you some factors that will help you find the best coffee roasters in Sydney to make your search relatively easier. Let’s find those out. 

  1. Freshness

The first thing to consider when purchasing ethiopian coffee beans for your home is to know whether the coffee is fresh or not. Clearly, nobody wants to compromise on the quality and freshness of their daily dose of coffee which is why it is important that you always check whether the coffee is fresh or not. This can be done by checking out the roasting date or the time it has been on the shelf too.  

  1. Roasted Date

The next step to know whether the coffee beans are something worth purchasing or not is to check out the packaging thoroughly and carefully where you will see the “Roasted on” date. This date helps you identify the date when these beans were roasted and that whether you should now buy these beans or not since this helps all the crazy coffee fans out their make their decision easily. Clearly, if you don’t check this specific date out, you won’t know how long these beans have been packed and been on the shelf for selling purpose. 

  1. Age

Age of the coffee is yet another most important factor that impacts the decision making when it comes to purchasing coffee. It clearly depends upon your usage what the age of the coffee must be. For example, if you require the use of coffee for the purpose of coffee extraction, we highly recommend you to find a coffee that has been aged at 7 days beyond its roasted date.  

  1. Storage

Most people tend to keep their coffee beans in freezer thinking this would help them last longer. However, as much as this is true to some extent, keeping the beans in freezer also lead to damage the freshness of coffee as well. This is because when coffee beans are freeze, they tend to lose the oils in them which are vital for the coffee flavor and freshness to come out when prepared. If you really want to keep your coffee fresh for a longer time, make sure you are keeping it in an air tight container that too in a dry place.  

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